3/15/15 Spring banquet (jointly held with Polytechnic U.) at Flower Lounge, Millbrae 3/9/14 Spring Banquet is meant for fun and laughters 3/2/13 CUHK exchange students with alumni at the East Ocean Restaurant, Alameda
3/2/13 group photo (partial) of attendees at the spring banquet (jointly held with Polytechnic U.) 2/25/12 Spring banquet (jointly held with Polytechnic U.) at the Peony's, Oakland : CUHK 2/26/11 Spring banquet and book launching, Flower Lounge Restaurant, Millbrae
3/13/10 Spring banquet at Peony's Restaurant, Oakland 3/8/09 Joint spring banquet with Polytechnic U. at Flower Lounge, Millbrae 3/2/08 Spring banquet at Hong Kong East Ocean, Emeryville
3/18/07 Spring banquet at ABC Restaurant, Foster City 20060226 banquet 20050306 banq
20040221 banquet A spring banquet tradition: singing school songs 1998 spring banquet
1997 banq 1995 banq 19810830 banq