1/20/15 OAACUHK-NC President Frank Cheung with Vice Chancellor Prof. Joseph Sung 1/20/2015 Group photo with visiting Vice Chancellor Prof. Joseph Sung 4/20/13 Dinner reception for visiting VC Michael Hui (許敬文) and AAO Director Connie Au (區月晶)
9/26/12 Reception for Grace Chow (周陳文琬), Director of Admission and Financial Aid 9/11/11 Vice Chancellor Prof. Joseph Sung (沈祖堯) 20110911 VC table nc
20110911 VCSung 7/28/10 Mr. Lau Sai Yung (劉世鏞), Chairman ot the CUHK Convocation 2000 Dr.Chui Lap Chi (徐立之)
4/3/09 Mr. Lau Sai Yung(劉世鏞), Chairman of CUHK Convocation, and Ms. Antonia Yeung (楊如虹), Director of Alumni Affairs 4/3/09 Ms. Antonia Yeung presenting gift to Director Linda Yau 9/19/08 Reception for Ho Man Sum (何萬森)
3/18/08 Reception for Dr. Henry Wong (黃乃正院長), President of New Asia College 3/6/08 CUHK VP Prof. Ching (程伯中) 3/6/08 Prof. Ching (程伯中) presenting gift to OAACUHK President Edward Lee
5/9/07 Reception for the CUHK delegation 1995 AAO 6/12/95 CUHK VC Prof. Kao (高錕)
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